Q:  How is the placenta prepared?

A: Your placenta will be prepared with great care. Gentle handling of the placenta, cleansing in clean water, careful drainage of the blood vessels, then dehydrated for approximately 24hrs. Eventually your placenta will be encapsulated, yielding 100-200 capsules, depending on the size. You will be given further instructions such as dosage, care and guidelines once your placenta is encapsulated.

Q: How should I store my placenta after the birth?

A:   You can place your placenta in 2 large Ziploc bags and place in a food grade container with a flat bottom, (large enough to hold your placenta without it folding over on itself), with a lid. Please store in the refrigerator as soon as possible.

Q: What if I have a hospital birth?

Please inform your care provider that you intend on encapsulating your placenta and will need to take it home. Have your storage container and Ziploc bags ready at the hospital and put in a cooler on ice or ice pack. You don’t want the hospital to accidentally discard it.

Q: When should the placenta encapsulation begin?

A:  The ideal time frame to begin the encapsulation process is 24-48 hrs.  Please have a family member call me shortly after the birth,  so we can make arrangements for pick up or drop off. If it is not possible to arrange within this time frame, please place your placenta in the freezer.

Q: Are there any circumstances when it would not be possible to use the placenta for encapsulation or other placenta remedies?

A:  If your placenta has been sent to pathology in hospital for any reason, your placenta is not suitable  for encapsulation, as it may have been contaminated while in the pathology department.  You can request the hospital to take just a small piece of your placenta for examination in this instance.


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